Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Im in my second week of sewing classes and so far it is going good.  I'm so excited about the Tuesday night class because it is the first time in years that I have a class where everyone is making clothing.  I'm evening making a dress for myself!  3 weeks left.  Who will survive it?  The story continues.......

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FALL SEWING CLASSES ARE STARTING NEXT WEEK, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th.  IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER. For further information call or email me: (518) 683-4488 or

To Register contact: 
Saratoga Springs Schools
Continuing Education Department
Shirley J. Neander, Secretary
Phone: (518) 583-4782
Office Hours: 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 1-3 p.m.

  6 weeks    Rosalind Hewitt-Moultrie
This class will get you started on the basics of sewing instruction for clothing.  On the first night of class you will learn how to take body measurement and discuss your pattern and fabric options.  Throughout the remaining weeks you will learn how to read and understand the sewing instructions that come with the pattern, as well as constructing a finished garment.  Come to class the first night with a tape measure (if you are sewing for yourself), your pattern and the fabric you are considering using.  Class size limited to 10.
Starts 9/20 Tuesday   6:30-8:30 p.m.   $40**  D202

  3 weeks     Rosalind Hewitt-Moultrie
Come learn to love using your sewing machine!  We will focus strictly on the basics, such as threading, stitching and fabric control.  Each night we will simply sew using various fabrics and discuss the different machine functions.  This three week class is aimed toward building your confidence in sewing.  Fabric swatches will be available for your use.  Materials fee of $10 payable to the instructor the first night of class.
Session I:  Starts 9/19  or Session II:  Starts 10/24 Monday    6:30-8:30 p.m.   $25**  D202
   7 weeks    Rosalind Hewitt-Moultrie

This sewing class is for those who feel they are beyond the beginning stage of sewing.  You should be able to read and understand pattern instructions, layout and cut a pattern, sew straight and curved seams.  With those skills you should be ready to go on to learning how to do more detailed sewing projects such as:  linings, pockets, zippers, collars, plackets and more.  Come to class the first night with a tape measure and any patterns and fabrics you are considering using.  Class size limited to 10.
Starts 9/21  Wednesday   6:30-9:00 p.m.   $45**  D202

6 weeks Rosalind Hewitt-Moultrie
Learn to make various home accessories such as throw pillows, table settings and everyone’s favorite – curtains. Come to the first class with your own sewing kit consisting of long pins, 6” ruler, marking pen, seam ripper and both paper and fabric scissors and your choice of a medium-weight fabric (1 yard). There are sewing machines available, but it is recommended that you bring your own. Materials fee of $15 payable to the instructor the first night of class. Class size limited to 10.
Starts 9/22 Thursday 6:30-8:30 p.m. $40** D202

Vintage Coat, Anyone?

Absolute gorgeous coats.  Too bad I can not fit any of them. : (
 I have a few more that are waiting to be photographed.  Please give me your
input on these pieces.  Like? Dislike?  Some of them can use a little bit
of repairing.  Then they will be up for sale on

This is one of my many favorite pieces.  The fabric is brocade and the back has these cut little bows an the bottom of the strap (sorry I dont have the back view up).  Unfortunately, I don't know the time period. I hope that my fellow vintage lovers can help me out. : )