Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where is Spring!

Well here in Saratoga Springs, we're getting another 2 - 4" of snow.  That's on top of the foot we already have from last week.  Great for all you ski folk, but I'm ready to dig in the dirt.  I ordered some plants from hirts and they came in this morning.  It was so exciting to get them planted and photographed.

Night Blooming JasmineApostle

Rose of Jericho Resurrection Fern - This one had to be placed in a shallow bowl of water and in 24 hours
it will come back to life.  We shall see. . .

  And, Lynn.  One of the two cats I rescued from the shelter last week.  The other one, Rose, is so hard to catch for a photo.  I just had to adopt them, not only because they are so darn cute, but because of the names (Rose & Lynn) hence, Rosalind. : )  She was just chilling on one of the cushion covers that I'm about to recover.  Isn't she one of the cutest?

So, on with the rest of my day.  I've got great projects going on; the Kindle Challenge hosted by Crissy Heron of Indie Biz Chicks .  She's giving us the challenge of writing a book for Kindle in a month.

Then there's the Sew Sexy Sew-Along  A sewing challenge for anyone who is up for it.

Thanks for your time and do visit again.
- Rozz

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sew Sexy Sew-Along

A flickr group to post photos of the patterns we're using and the garments we're creating the Sew Sexy Sew-Along 2014. We were originally inspired by a wonderful post written at Beau Baby:mybeaubaby.blogspot.com/2013/02/show-little-skin-whither-...

This sew-along is being run by Lisette of What Would Nancy Drew Wear?, Clio of Clio & Phineas and Wanett of Sown Brooklyn.

You can find our blogs and posts about the sew-along at the following websites:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So yes, I finished the cushion covers.  Those buggers were tough to get onto the cushion.  One was a tad too tight and the other some loosness - but workable.  I found out that he wanted them for a Adirondack chair that he made!  I thought that awesome.  Too bad I don't have a picture of his work.  

You can see the one on top (too tight), bottom (loose)

Yet, not too bad.

Next Project -

Ok - Us Saratoga locals know about the items that our neighbors are always tossing on the curb.  Free this, that and the other.  Well here is what I picked up. . . well I actually had a friend of mine pick it up.  

Its an excellent chair from IKEA.  My daughter-in-law, who has an excellent eye for things, was "take it Rozz, its so nice!!"  So, here it is.  After getting it into the house, scrubbing and spraying, it sat in the kitchen for...well... too long.  

Doing the cushion covers inspired me to get going with this chair.  I plan to cover it with "mud cloth" to match the curtains I made.  

So stay tuned. . . .