Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lilacs and Lavender is a business that reflects my love of sewing and crafts.  With that love, I'm able to express my creativity in clothing, accessories, home decorating, vintage and almost anything that relates to Africa.  Which brings me to my current line of home decorating accessories, which will be available very soon.  So keep an eye out for the announcement.

In the meantime please visit my Etsy page to see what's available.  I can always be reach by leaving a comment/question below, by Facebook or by email at: lilac.lavender@yahoo.com.  Also keep in mind that I'm available for all of your alterations and sewing needs.  

Have a great day.

My Grandbaby's First Easter Outfit
Handmade by Me aka Grandma. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh! Forgot to mention that the Zebra print bag sold!!
I just spent the past six hours trying to figure out how to retouch some photos so that I can update my Etsy page and this blog.  Oh my goodness, I don't have the patience I once had with these programs. Anyway, thanks to Picasa and determination I got it done.  So now I can do what I originally sat down at the computer to do; post this weeks' sale items.

First I want to mention an article that I read, a while back, on little things you can do to recycle and make a few extra bucks.  I chuckled when I saw toilet paper rolls on the list. Just to see how it would go, I actually started saving toilet paper rolls and when I got to a dozen, I listed it on Etsy.  To my surprise I received more hits on the toilet paper roll listing than I did on everything else.  Mmm . . . maybe it's out of curiosity and not need?? Who knows.  Anyway, I did receive an email from one of my favorite craft/sewing sites titled: 27 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls.  So if your looking for an easy project to do with the kids, maybe you want to try some of those out.  And if you don't want to wait on an collection of toilet paper rolls, check out my listing on Etsy.

New listings will be posted tomorrow.  I really would like to see the two rings below sold, maybe a BOGO - half price sale will do it.

I will do the same for the coats.  Spring is nearly here and no one will be thinking about coats for another six or seven months.  

So please check back here soon or simply visit: www.lilacsandlavender.etsy.com to see whats' up for sale!

Thank you for visiting!