Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lilacs and Lavender#links#links#links#links

Lilacs and Lavender#links#links#links#links

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



If you've already taken any of my sewing classes
and are interested in taking your skill to another level, lets
get together for a intermediate level class.  I'm looking to do
a class sometime between February and April 2013.  Keeping in mind
that we all should be recovered from the holidays  by that time. : ) 
Let me know if you are interested in attending and what particulary you
would like to make.  We can do a class on sewing clothing, curtains,
 table settings, alterations, or just picking out the right fabrics,
 ...the possibilities are almost endless. 
You can email me at
with your interest and
contact information.
Enjoy The Holidays!! - Rozz

Just confirmed on Spring 2013 Classes: Get Comfy With Your Sewing Machine & Sewing For The Home.  The schedule is setup just a little differently this time.  Its arranged so that if anyone taking the Get Comfy  class wants to continue to work on their skill - they can register for the Sewing For The Home class, as well.  This way you can continue to build on what you've learned in the first 3 weeks.  Any interested participants in the Saratoga Springs, New York area, please let me know. 

Good Day.
Sew Serendipity