Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From Shorts to Skirt in 90 Minutes

A friend of mine is leaving for Florida and wanted to transform a pair of her shorts into a skirt. I thought she was actually leaving on Friday, but she's leaving tomorrow. I could not have her go without her skirt, so I quickly stitched up the center front and back seams. Place her chosen mudcloth pieces, as she chose and stitched. At first I thought would use a zigzag stitch around the edge, then decided that a nice straight stitch would work better. Not too bad for a 90 minute job, huh?.


I'll have to have her send me a pic when she has it on.  I hung it up in front of me and it hangs pretty well, with a slight drape at the center front.  It was fast and fun.  I plan to do some more skirts before the Summer hits.  BUT with putting much more time in it.

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